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An automated, easy-to-use assistant that generates marketing content for your podcast. Dubb turns your podcast episodes into show notes, social media posts, newsletter content, transcripts, and more.

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Dubb converts your podcast episodes into engaging content for every platform, within hours:

Check out what Dubb generated for the Anthology of Heroes podcast:

Title: The Unconventional Rise of Alfred the Great: The King Who Saved England

Description: We explore the incredible story of Alfred of Wessex and how he rose from an unlikely background to become one of the greatest monarchs in English history. From his humble beginnings in Wantage, to his determination and bravery in pushing back the Danes, to his creation of a small navy, this legendary king rose to power and eventually became known as King Alfred the Great. Follow along as we dig into the life and legacy of this amazing figure, and the significance of his achievements.


Can I try Dubb for free?

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Yes! Log in with your email and you can submit a podcast episode. We'll give you 30 minutes of free submissions to try Dubb out.

How does Dubb work?

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Dubb uses artificial intelligence to remix your podcast audio into visual and written content that you can post.

Why do you need me to sign in with email to use Dubb?

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We use email sign in to keep track of free trials and paying customers.

Will you share my podcast audio or outputs or data with anyone else?

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We just send you the outputs so you can post them however you'd like. We don't post them anywhere else (without your permission) or share them with others. Dubb makes money from selling premium access to the software, not from sharing your data.

We love our users

"Dubb is a dream come true. Rather than struggling and spending time on creating marketing content, I can focus on what I do best. Dubb saves me countless hours and headaches in podcast production."
Rudy Dogum
"I absolutely love using Dubb for my podcast promotional content. It is incredibly easy to use and saves me so much time when it comes to creating descriptions for my episodes. Dubb helps me to easily generate high-quality text and promotional video content with subtitles that perfectly captures the essence of my podcast and grabs the attention of my audience."
Graeme Watson
Kusa Cast Podcast
“Dubb has been the most significant value added to my content creation process; it's essential, and I would be lost without it. The price is right, but that's beside the point; it saves me at least 4 hours equalling much more than the monthly cost for one episode.”
Greg Sheldon
Metal Steel Manufacturing & Business Pros Podcast and other podcasts

”Since discovering Dubb, I have enjoyed every minute of using it. It does what no other app on the market does: total social media, blog post, and transcription creation for a given audio podcast. This has helped me immensely as I was generating each of these separately (using separate apps for each) before finding Dubb. Now I have access to One App To Rule Them All."
“Dubb really helped automate and elevate both my show notes and my YouTube descriptions/titles. Summaries are the hardest part for me, and I really found that Dubb does summaries better than any other tool like this that I have tried.”
John Coleman
The Union Path Podcast


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